Sunday, 4 September 2016

D.T reflection 31•8•16

D.T Reflection 31•8•16
Today at discovery time Natalya, Billie,Bronte and I started bringing our stable to life by adding in the horses and some hay and stool dividers in that time we had I felt that we got lots done.

A struggle for me was to not burn myself when I was using the hot glue gun to make the stall dividers it was also a struggle to make the ice-block sticks stick together because the hot glue gun stick kept running out.

A highlight for me was getting the stable to come to life and getting the most done we ever have we also got the tack room walls and door painted.

 The person that stood out for me the most was Natalya because she got lots of the saddles done and did some amazing sewing and helped us alot with getting the tack room done.

The thing I want to improve on is to somehow make the tack room bigger so we have more room. This is a photo of what we have done.

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