Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Where do you truly belong?

The people that I ride with are Bronte,Natalya,my trainer (Robert),Horses and other people that would like to learn how to ride a horse or can ride a horse all these people make me feel like I belong here because when I am doing something wrong or something is going wrong they will be there to save the day.I go to Mairehau riding centre every Wednesday. When I am there I feel happy,safe and it is also a place where I feel like I belong/my home. I feel that way because I can trust the horses and someone is always there when I need help like when my horse Charlie started trotting and my feet came out of the stirrups and Charlie (the horse) wouldn’t listen to me the Robert came and helped me put my feet back in the stirrups and told Charlie to stop.When I arrive there I get a big smile on my face and my body suddenly gets energetic. I will always belong at Mairehau riding centre.


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