Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hammer Hot pools and Hyroslides

Hanmer hot pools and hydro slides.
Colourful painted super bowl flow with water.
Spooky dark hydroslides zoom people through
Pitch black lights dotted everywhere to direct people down the hydro slide.
Relaxing lazy rivers push you round in circles.
Rocks scattered everywhere in the rock pools, remember “don't slip.”
The hot pools relax people.


  1. Good job with your full stops and also I like the way you siad pitch black lights

  2. As I have never been on a hydroslide this writing has given me a pretty good idea of how it is, I love how you said “ spooky dark hydroslides zoom people through” 😀

  3. That was soo good cuz. I liked the bit where you said (spooky dark hydro slides) because that reminds me of when you didn't want to go on the slides but I said it was fun so you trusted me and you did it! And then wanted to do it again and again! Excellent Story������