Sunday, 4 September 2016

D.T reflection 31•8•16

D.T Reflection 31•8•16
Today at discovery time Natalya, Billie,Bronte and I started bringing our stable to life by adding in the horses and some hay and stool dividers in that time we had I felt that we got lots done.

A struggle for me was to not burn myself when I was using the hot glue gun to make the stall dividers it was also a struggle to make the ice-block sticks stick together because the hot glue gun stick kept running out.

A highlight for me was getting the stable to come to life and getting the most done we ever have we also got the tack room walls and door painted.

 The person that stood out for me the most was Natalya because she got lots of the saddles done and did some amazing sewing and helped us alot with getting the tack room done.

The thing I want to improve on is to somehow make the tack room bigger so we have more room. This is a photo of what we have done.

Speech (sibling equality)

Sibling Equality

I feel hard done because the oldest child hardly ever gets the blame plus the youngest child always gets the shaggy hand me downs, but even worse I have an older brother so I sometimes get boy clothes! I don't want to be walking out in public with my brothers big clunky shoes that are 4 sizes too big which makes me look like bigfoot would you like to been seen like that? I don't think so and of course they get to be the first to do or try everything, I wanted to be like Sir Edmund Hillary and explore things first.

Put your hand up if you have ever got the blame for something you never did and it was your brother or sister’s fault.

Those people that just put your hand up will know what I am talking about but for the others this is a story that has happened in my life, my brother started tackling me like I was a rugby player so he was in the wrong but my parents only saw me attempting clumsily to tackle him back so of course I got the blame.

If you're the youngest you always get the shaggy hand me downs even worst I get boys mouldy, oversized, camo jerseys or even cringe worthy jackets, my parents say there is no point in wasting money on new shoes when your brother has a speck of pink on his shoes so I get obligated to wear them because pink is a girls colour but really every colour is everyone's colour. Right?

It’s so unfair that they get to do or try things first he gets to go places alone , they also get a phone first. When they do get something that you really want they run round the house with too much excitement  making you even more jealous than you already are. They will keep on sprinting round the house so excited until you get really really  angry!

So to finish of I would like to remind you all the the things that annoy me about being the youngest child, number 1 the oldest never gets the blame, number 2 the youngest always gets shaggy hand me downs and last of all they always get to do or try things first, so all those parents out there make sure you treat your children the same. But sometimes it can be handy to be the youngest because sometimes you can do your cute smile and get away with it. Don't get me wrong most the time my parents treat us equally.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Why do we label each other!

Why do we label each other.

Why do we label each other when in many ways we are the same? Lots of people in the world don't realise how much we have in common with each other. Here are 3 reasons why I strongly agree that no one should label anyone.

Is it really ok to judge someone on their outside? Nothing is about the car you drive it is all about the way you drive it (how you are on the inside not the outside). Did you know as soon as you see someone in that first 7 seconds you make a negative judgement on them. For instance I’m not ‘white’ that is just what the world labels me based on the colour of my skin, but I know it is all about the inside that counts.

Secondly we are all connected in some type of way. Do you really think that you have nothing in common with anyone, like we all have eyes, a nose ,a mouth and lots more would be here all day if I named them all. If you would dare you can go and take a DNA test if you don’t believe me. A DNA test is when you put your whole story into a container and you find out all the places are made up of, your genealogy, you can find out all other things you never knew about yourself.

It's our commonalities that bring us together, even though our skin, home, school, lives or our land might all be different inside our hearts we have lots in common.

In conclusion people need to stop labelling others or our world won’t be a happy one. In that first 7 seconds don’t make a judgement on someone. If you label someone stop and think, would you like it to be said to you.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Where do you truly belong?

The people that I ride with are Bronte,Natalya,my trainer (Robert),Horses and other people that would like to learn how to ride a horse or can ride a horse all these people make me feel like I belong here because when I am doing something wrong or something is going wrong they will be there to save the day.I go to Mairehau riding centre every Wednesday. When I am there I feel happy,safe and it is also a place where I feel like I belong/my home. I feel that way because I can trust the horses and someone is always there when I need help like when my horse Charlie started trotting and my feet came out of the stirrups and Charlie (the horse) wouldn’t listen to me the Robert came and helped me put my feet back in the stirrups and told Charlie to stop.When I arrive there I get a big smile on my face and my body suddenly gets energetic. I will always belong at Mairehau riding centre.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hammer Hot pools and Hyroslides

Hanmer hot pools and hydro slides.
Colourful painted super bowl flow with water.
Spooky dark hydroslides zoom people through
Pitch black lights dotted everywhere to direct people down the hydro slide.
Relaxing lazy rivers push you round in circles.
Rocks scattered everywhere in the rock pools, remember “don't slip.”
The hot pools relax people.